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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” Mahatma Gandhi

“Regenboog India Foundation was founded to bring smile and satisfaction to the needy people in the society by providing the necessary services and opportunities for them. It is dedicated to the society and promotes Rural Health Care, Children Welfare, and Education.”

Covid 19 Relief Works Update:

Regenboog actively involved in the Covid 19 relief works since 2020 by creating awareness, mobilising and distributing the resource materials, supporting the government departments (health, revenue, police and judicial) for their field works.

Regenboog's medical team expanded by recruiting temporary paramedical staffs and working as a front line workers during the 1st wave and now in 2nd wave too. Together with the health department, we take the swab tests, conducting fever camps to identity the infected people, giving awareness to the people who are quarantined and offering treatments to their basic ailments.

So far, over 350,000 surgical masks, over couple of thousands of sanitisers and other resource materials were distributed to the government health professionals who are fighting the coronavirus at the frontline.

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Mobile Medical Clinic

Posted on March 09, 2021

Mobile medical team involved in the Covid frontline works again together with the Government health team to contain the Covid situation in Tiruvannamalai town.

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My name is Prakash and I am a former student of Madhan.

First of all (hardwork+smart work=Regenboog)!

Regenboog India Foundation creating awareness against covid. The disease becomes huge unprecedented surge. The fatality rate is increasing higher day to day. Meanwhile Regenboog carryout the works against the Covid 19 in various ways in Tiruvannamalai. Not only but also corona testing rate will be gradually increased day by day (This is the masterpiece). And then their mobile library started giving good awareness about rural villages. The basic need of human life is education and healthcare and Regenboog provides that both here. Apart from that forest firefighting with the support of great volunteers is saving the environment and protect the reptiles, birds and soil erosion. If anyone is having issues or need of any support, Regenboog will provide them a perfect solution. Love for all, hatred for none. Prakash

Prakash , Civil Services Aspirant
Volunteer of Regenboog

When I first visited the projects of Regenboog India Foundation in and around Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, in October 2013 I was fascinated. Ever since I have become an avid supporter of Regenboog, raising money in Europe to support the works of the local Indian team. The ingenuity with which the projects are designed to make the greatest possible impact not only for the individuals who most immediately benefit from them but for the entire community is remarkable. I have witnessed how the Regenboog team makes sure to put every single rupee to good use, fostering collaboration between the different projects to garner synergies. Thereby Regenboog has created an entire network of developmental initiatives that collectively help elevate people and communities from disabling poverty to a self-determined existence as competent members of Indian society. What makes these projects special is the undying dedication of the Regenboog team to their work. To them, helping people in need is not merely a job, it is a calling. The Regenboog leadership has never backed away from a challenge or buckled under the pressure and returned to a better paying job in the private sector. This is what makes Regenboog stand out from the crowd of other organizations. Over the years, they have not only deserved my utmost respect and trust, but my sincere adoration. I am proud to be able to support their work. And I am happy that all decisions about the projects are made by the Indian team who know their communities, know the circumstances their neighbors live in, and understand better what Indian solution would fit the needs of their fellow Indians than us Europeans ever could. I hope that someday in the future, enough locals will step up and support Regenboog India Foundation so that not only the operations but also the financing will be entirely in Indian hands.

Silvan Diener, Switzerland

Silvan Diener, Switzerland , Development Worker

Regenboog India is unique in every project that they undertake. The impact they create in the society with the resources and limitations they have is phenomenal. Generally, organisations request only financial contribution whereas Regenboog India specifically emphasises on moral guidance, support and volunteering with them. Being directly involved in the projects makes a lot of difference and gives the satisfaction of bringing a positive change in the world we live. I take pride in donating to Regenboog for noble causes and looking forward to support them in all possible ways on more projects in the future.

Sivakumar , Data Scientist, Chennai
Donor of Regenboog